Spoken Word Production for Video Games

We bring all our production skills to making video game voiceover as real, vital, alive and lively, as your game requires.

Video Game Services

Casting – We handle the audition process and present you with a wide range of voice choices just right for your game.

Production Supervision – We see it through from script formatting to final delivery of mastered audio.

Directing – We know how to direct the talent so that sessions run smoothly and you get exactly what you want.

Post production – We can provide full editing and mastering so that the audio is ready to be slipped into your game.

Paperwork – We work with union and non-union talent and can take care of all the contracts and invoicing from start to finish.

Some Game Project Samples

We had a lot of fun producing voices and sounds (that’s grunts, screams and growls…) for Uber Entertainment’s MONDAY NIGHT COMBAT.

We teamed up with Omni Interactive Audio to record some awesome voice talent for Klei Entertainment’s SHANK .

We’re proud of our work with Omni Interactive Audio and Liquid Dragon Studios producing voices for their DEADLIEST CATCH: ALASKAN STORM game.

Past Projects

Past Projects Prior to their work at Cedar House Audio Productions, Suzie and Lyssa worked on the following video games doing either voice recording, sound design, or as voice talent.

Guild Wars The Sims 2 Halo 2 The Urbz: Sims in the City Dungeon Siege Dead or Alive 4 Crackdown Starfox 64 Freddi Fish Voodoo Vince Tribes 2 Spyfox Starsiege Total Annihilation Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Kore Gang Moonbase Commander Putt Putt Pajama Sam Ultimate Bass Fishing Backyard Baseball Star Fox Zero Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS