The broad range of services that Cedar House Audio provides can be made available to you in a package or in separate steps. Please contact us for a rate quote for your project.

Script Preperation

We prepare all our texts for recording by researching pronunciations, place names, and dialects.


We can abridge a complete text to fit length or time restrictions.

Text Adaptation

We can take text designed for reading and work with you to transform it into a great listening experience.


We can find the perfect voice for your project. We’ve got great actors who work with us regularly, as well as a big pool of talent here in Seattle.


We will grant you an ample recording schedule so that we make sure we get the best possible sound.


Your project will be guided and directed by experienced professionals to guarantee that it sounds better than you could imagine.


The engineer will take your recording to an editing suite and check every edit point, noise, pop, click and swallow to polish it till it shines.


Our proofers listen to every word of the finished product, using strict guidelines so that the project is sure to be a listening pleasure from beginning to end.


Then, off it goes to mastering, when we create a duplication-ready master in any of the formats preferred in the industry.

Our Rooms

We offer studios in two locations in the Seattle area.

Studio One

Edmonds, Washigton

This studio is located about 30 minutes north of Seattle

Studio 1 recording booth

Studio 1 control room

Studio Two

Seattle, Washington

This studio is located in West Seattle, about 15 minutes south of downtown.

Studio 2 recording booth

Studio 2 control room