Cedar House Audio Productions, LLC was formed in 2007. We bring a combined 30+ years audio production experience to every project we produce. We also bring our dogs to work. They really know how to listen, and so do we.

The Mission of Cedar House Audio Productions:

  • To make great spoken word that we can be proud of.
  • To find great talent who can bring words to life.
  • To delight our clients by exceeding expectations, every time.

“Kate Fleming – Our Inspiration”

Suzie Brutke-Smurdon - Co-Owner

I’ve been working in audio for many years. I’ve always preferred to be the one behind the glass instead of the one in front of the microphone. I spent several years as an audio engineer at a Seattle recording studio working on everything from TV and radio commercials, to feature films, television shows, and theme park attractions. It was during this time that I discovered the art of the spoken word. While there I got my first taste of recording audio books, was the dialogue editor on several independent films, and recorded voice overs for numerous video games. I then turned my attention to doing game sound design. I had the pleasure of working on some great titles such as The Sims 2, Halo 2, and Guild Wars. Ultimately I was drawn back to the spoken word when the late narrator and producer, Kate Fleming, brought me on as her technical director. She was an inspiration to work with. My goal, as always, is to continue to create quality audio that will be listened to for years to come.

Padfoot Smurdon (pictured with Suzie) is a studio dog at heart. When she’s not lounging in the studio, she can be found playing with a toy, chewing on a good bone, or slobbering on anything and everything.

Lyssa Browne - Co-Owner

Directing, narrating and working with narrators gives me great joy. I come to audio production from an acting background having worked in theatre, film, on-camera commercial acting, and behind the microphone. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Dance, I performed on stage in Seattle and regionally. Between acting jobs, I did work that taught me administration skills like Hospitality Coordinator for the Seattle International Film Festival and Los Angeles International Film Festival, coordinating special events for the Seattle Symphony, and designing graphics for Pacific Northwest Ballet. The wonderful producer and narrator, Kate Fleming, introduced me to audiobook production. She mentored me as a director, producer, and narrator and I am grateful for her generosity with her talent and skills. As a director and producer, I am deeply proud of the quality of our audio products.

Hazel Browne (pictured with Lyssa) earns her biscuits helping narrators relax on recording breaks, and listening for proper pronunciations of words and dialects. When not working for Cedar House Audio Productions, she enjoys chasing sticks and barking at the garbage truck.